The continuing feature of ACSW is a 5-minute lightning talk with a poster presentation. These activities provide an opportunity to interact with the ACSW community on a wide range of computer science related topics. Accepted posters will be made available online and included in the program leaflet if the corresponding registration is processed in time. Topics under, but not subject to, work-in-progress, pilot study, proof-of-concept, and improvement of existing works are all welcome. The following guidelines must be met for the proposal submission:

  • Submissions and talks must be in English.
  • Submissions must clearly state the problem being addressed, the goal of the work, the relation to other works, and the results achieved if applicable.
  • Submissions must be the work contributed by the authors.
  • If the submission is (partially) submitted/published somewhere else in any form before submitting to ACSW 2020, the authors must indicate the updates or differences between the submission and the previous work.
  • For submissions that have been published, the poster from the previous publication can be reused but the authors need to justify the improvement/renew in the submission to ACSW 2020.

All posters will be displayed in the common area where all lunch and tea events are located and thus authors can have a good interaction with the audiences. We strongly encourage students to submit a proposal for gaining the opportunity to provide lightning talk with the poster. This is a great opportunity to present your research interest to a wider community, generate hallway conversation, and receive helpful feedback. Advisors should encourage their students to present current work to ACSW. Note that demos are not included with the lightning talks and poster presentations.

Submit Your Proposal

If you would like to give a lightning talk with a poster, please use online submission system with your name, affiliation, title of the talk/poster, and an extended abstract (up to 1 A4 page using the template provided as follows).

Template Download